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Innovative, Easy Interior Trim

Perfect for professionals and DIY – use Continual Casing Systems patented pre-coped joints to achieve elegant, seamless interior trim for windows, doors and more.

DIY Friendly

No cutting, no chopsaw, just glue, hammer and a nail or airnailer.

Easy to Install

Precut parts are ready for immediate installation.

Save Time & Costs

Quick installation saves valuable time and labor costs.

Completely Seamless

With a cope joint, not a 45, there is no seam.

Stronger Joints

Rather than a butt or mitre joint, the cope joint is as strong as a cabinet door joint.

Longer Lasting

With a larger glueable surface, like a cabinet joint, these joints stand the test of time against natural shifting.

Details matter -
This innovative system is completely seamless

Easy to Install - Expertly Finished Look

This innovative system is a game changer

Years ago it took a master craftsman to create the custom detail trim work you see in older homes.
To finally have a system that anyone can bring old world craftsmanship to modern times, now the cope joint will remain timeless.