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Decorative Trim – More Than a Straight Line

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One of our latest projects involved finishing a new set of offices and connecting open areas. Because the trim pieces are cut to fit seamlessly around any edge, the continual casing system is particularly well suited to unique and decorative patterns.

Since the moulding was applied in a patter to a flat surface, the entire project was put together quickly and cost effectively – creating a sophisticated visual impression for future office residents and clients!

Some accent walls utilized a chevron pattern measured precisely to fit from edge to edge. Here you can see the process, which took only a couple of hours to install. Some walls were painted all white, and some walls were painted in the accent blue green color, depending on their placement in the office area.

One accent wall utilized a more artistic design.

The rest of the office was also neatly finished using the continual casing system seamless moulding along the baseboards, around doorways and windows.

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