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Seamless Custom Trim

How it Works on Windows

An example of Continual Casing stackable profiles on a kitchen window and also shows stackable crown moulding

The Continual Casing System comes to you as a complete kit of pre manufactured parts for windows.

With this system there are many ways to do a window. They can be wrapped individually to match your door casing style. The bottom of your window could be the determining height of your chair rail creating a beautiful and unique custom look and with our system multiple windows can be easily wrapped to look like one custom window.

An example of four windows coped together with the Continual Casing System which creates a dramatic look of one custom window. The baseboard is also coped into the windows.

All rooms are unique and different, with this system, you can be creative and customize each room or area to its own uniqueness vs standard door casings and bases. To better understand how the System works for windows and doors scroll down.

How it Works on Doors

The Continual Casing System comes to you as a complete kit of pre manufactured parts for doors.

To start, you center and nail the head piece from your kit of parts to the top of the rough opening and door jam. Grab the right or left door casing piece, which has a profile on both sides and reverse image on the top and is cut square against the floor. You glue the reverse image of the door casing and place in position on the headpiece and nail to the door jam and rough opening, which fits perfectly against the headpiece you just installed for a visually seamless joint.

How it Works on Baseboard

The baseboard, in its simplest form, has a decorative profile on the top, and is pre coped to fit the door casing profile. For example, the door casing pictured here has virtually invisible seams with one side coped to the door casing and the other coped to fit the built in cabinetry. 

Imagine this system in the rooms that you plan to trim, the possibilities are endless. Your built-ins and custom cabinetry can all be tied together with the baseboard moulding package with this system.

Stackable Profiles

The system is also designed to create 3 dimensional stackable profiles for a much bolder and dramatic look. Start with a single dimensional stacking which allows for the addition of a second layer or perhaps the chair rail or any other piece or parts that work with the system.

A home with this casing system can be easily, economically and dramatically upgraded in any room or the entire house, the options are endless.

Sample puzzle pieces of doorways, chair rail and baseboard with single and double stackable Continual Casing.

How it Works on Chair Rail

The chair rail, similar to the baseboard, has a decorative profile on the top and also on the bottom and is pre coped with a reverse image to fit against door casings.

It can also be easily tied in to your window or built ins, as pictured. It is quick and easy to install for that custom built in look. You can also add vertical uprights to your chair rail and base that will give you the same seamless finish in any location you choose.

An example of a corner window coped together with a double stackable Continual Casing and chair rail before priming and painting.

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This innovative system is completely seamless